This is Dolly and Lola.

On Friday morning Dolly started shaking, my little baby. Only 3 months old. We didn’t think anything of it, she was sick after her vaccinations and I guessed she’d eaten something. She was vomiting a little and lost conciousness. She started to whine and have convulsions and fitting, after that it was time for the vets.
I had to go to work that day and I thought it would be all right by  the time I got home, but she deteriorated and had to spend the night.
By the morning the vet had called to say it was time to say goodbye. 
I work opposite the vets so I went over during my shift and saw her. 
Nothing has ever broken my heart more, she lay the eyes rolling back, she tried to sit up and collapsed, blood and pus were coming from her nose and mouth. It completely broke my heart I could not stop crying even though I didn’t want to scare her.
I made the decision to put her down, Dogs don’t know what tomorrow is, they only feel what’s here and what’s now. I held her as she died and it was horrendous.

She had been poisoned by pesticide, they wrapped her body in a towel and we carried her out.
We gave her the best 2 months she could have ever hoped for and I’m happy for that, but I’ll miss her. And no one without a dog could understand. We only had her  for a short time but she touched our lives even so.
Thank you Dolly.
me and manny again.
Me and Manny
Leah and I in the kitchen
So happy about these glasses as well.

Eat meat or don’t eat meat. Why would anyone ever assume I care or want to hear why they do or don’t? If I don’t ask, WHY ARE YOU TELLING ME?!

What you eat doesn’t define you. 


My Beautiful boyfriend and my beautiful bestfriend.
Messing about with Elian’s camera.

Johnny Cash